• Pearly Penile Papules Removal
    Pearly Penile Papules Removal

Treatment for PPP – Pearly Penile Papules cure at home

Posted by admin On February - 15 - 2011

PPP is a male genital skin condition which is harmless and it occurs due to unknown reasons. However, the large number of white or pink colored small bumps around the corona of penis are often mistaken for STD or Warts and females refuse to have sex with a male having ppp.

>> Pictures of Pearly Penile Papules – Confirm that whether you have PPP

Treatment for ppp should effectively eliminate the bumps from the penis so that the affected person can regain the original appearance of his penis.

There are various methods for treatment of ppp.

Scientific methods of treatment as well as Home Remedies are quite common.

Scientific methods

1.    Removal of bumps using Hyfrecator

2.    Laser CO2 Therapy

These methods have the following disadvantages: –

Highly expensive


Side effects

Temporary cure only

Hospitalization and recovery period

Home Remedies are very effective and are widely accepted because of the following advantages: –

ü Less expensive

ü Simple methods done by patient in his home

ü Painless & no side effects

ü Permanent cure

ü Easily available ingredients

ü Smooth sexual life in future

Home Remedies are of 2 types: –

1.    Traditional Home Remedy: Slow method of treatment giving results after a prolonged treatment. A few months will be taken for complete cure.

2.    Improvised Home Remedy: Fast method giving quick results. Bumps will be removed within 2/3 days with all the comforts of other Home Remedies.

Treatment of ppp with castor oil/tea-tree oil

Clean the affected area and wipe to dry. Using cotton swab apply either plenty of castor oil or a little tea-tree oil on the bumps and leave them uncovered. Repeat the process 3 – 4 times daily until the papules are removed completely. This is a traditional Home Remedy method.

Do you have ppp? Want to get rid of it safely within just 3 days?

Improvised Home Remedy for ppp will be of great help to you.

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