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Pearly Penile Papules or PPP can be removed by different methods of treatment.One of such method is Pearly Penile Papules Home Removal . The small white or pink colored bumps in large numbers around the head of penis, formed due to this male genital skin disorder will severely disfigure the vital sex organ of the affected male, making him to loose his self esteem. The worst part of it is that females will suspect the bumps as STD or Warts and refuse to have sex with the man having ppp. Thus the otherwise harmless disease becomes much harmful psychologically. The affected person will become mentally depressed. Pearly Penile Papules Removal is done naturally.

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Though the causes for ppp are unknown, it is possible to cure it completely. PPP can be cured either by way of scientific methods of treatment or removing with Home Remedy.

Home Remedies are Natural Cures and they are very popular due to the following advantages:

Simple and easy methods with easily available ingredients

Can be done by the patient himself in his home

Very economical

No pain or side effects

Ensure complete and permanent cure

Future sex life will be smooth

Scientific methods of treatment such as Laser CO2 therapy and removal of bumps with Hyfrecator are very expensive, painful as well as causing side effects. Hospitalization and recovery period are necessary and also the cure will not be permanent in all the cases.

Coming back to Home Remedies, they are of 2 types, viz. Traditional Home Remedy and Improvised Home Remedy.

Traditional Home Remedy is slow in action. It will take a few months to remove all the bumps whereas Improvised Home Remedy will give quick results. The bumps will be removed within 2/3 days with all the comforts of a Home Remedy.

Removal of ppp by treating with castor oil is a Traditional Home Remedy.

Clean and dry the ppp affected area and apply plenty of castor oil over it using cotton swab. Keep the affected area open and repeat the procedure 3 – 4 times everyday until all the papules are disappeared.

Tea-tree oil can be used instead of castor oil in which case apply very little quantity of the oil.

Are you in search of a remedy that can eliminate your ppp quickly and safely?

Follow Improvised Home Remedy method and get rid of your ppp within just 2/3 days.

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Are You looking for treatments to get rid of PPP ,including Pearly Penile Papules Home Treatments , you are at the right place.

A considerable percentage of male population is suffering due to ppp, a male genital skin disorder which leads to formation of dome shaped small bumps around the corona of penis. Its cause is unknown. The bumps are often mistaken for STD or Warts and consequently females avoid sexual relationship with the affected male. The fact is that ppp is harmless and it is not connected to STD.

  Cure   PPP within 3 Days

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Unless the affected person gets rid of the bumps from his penis and regains its original appearance, his sexual life will be in stake and also he himself will loose his self-esteem and become mentally depressed.

There are many ways to remove ppp. One has to choose the best method of treatment by which he can get rid of the bumps safely and permanently at the earliest.

Ways to Get Rid of PPP

What are the methods of treatment?

Scientific methods & Home Remedy methods.

Laser CO2 therapy and removal of bumps with Hyfrecator are the scientific methods. These methods have a few disadvantages –

-they are very expensive

-they cause pain and side effects

-the cure is not permanent

-hospitalization and recovery period are unavoidable

On the contrary, Home Remedies are less expensive, neither painful nor having side effects and ensure permanent cure. The treatment is with easily available ingredients and the simple methods can be done by patient himself in his home. The future sex life will be hassle free.

>> Pictures of Pearly Penile Papules – Confirm that whether you have PPP

How to remove pearly penile papules at home

Clean and dry the affected part of penis and using cotton swab apply a little quantity of tea-tree oil over the bumps. Leave the affected area open and repeat the treatment 3-4 times daily until all the bumps are eliminated.

Castor oil can be applied in place of tea-tree oil and apply castor oil in plenty to get desired result.

Treatment with tea-tree oil/castor oil is a Traditional Home Remedy method. Traditional Home Remedy is however very slow in action. It will take a few months to get rid of all the papules.

Improvised Home Remedy is a fast method. It gives quick results. The bumps will be cleared completely within 2/3 days.

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Treatments for PPP

PPP must be treated soon and the small bumps in large numbers formed around the head of penis must be completely eliminated. Without understanding ppp as a male genital skin disorder, females will mistake it for a lethal STD and avoid sex with the affected person. Hence ppp should not be ignored just because it is harmless. The affected person must get rid of the bumps for ever so as to get back to his normal sexual life.

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Though the cause for ppp is still not clear, it can be cured by treatment.

Scientific methods of treatment and Home Remedy methods of treatment are available for ppp.

The major drawback with respect to scientific treatment is that though the bumps are completely removed once, sometimes they appear again. Then the affected person has to undergo same painful and highly expensive treatment again by getting himself hospitalized for a second time. Moreover, scientific treatments cause side effects such as permanent scars, damage to skin cells etc. Removal of ppp with Hyfrecator and CO2 Laser therapy are the common scientific treatment methods.

Treatment of ppp with castor oil

The affected part of penis is cleaned and dried. Using a cotton swab, apply castor oil in plenty and leave the treated portion without clothing. Repeat application of oil 3-4 times a day. Continue the treatment until the ppp is removed completely.

Tea-tree oil also can be used instead of castor oil but, apply in very little quantities.

This is an effective Home Remedy for ppp. Home Remedies are natural cures which cause no side effects and ensure complete and permanent removal of ppp. The treatment will be neither painful nor very expensive. No hospitalization is required. The methods are simple and easy to follow and can be done by the patient himself in his home using ingredients which are easily available. Home Remedies ensure smooth sexual life in future.

Treatment of ppp with castor oil/tea-tree oil is known as Traditional Home Remedy. This type of treatment is very slow and it will take a few months to cure the ppp completely.

Improvised Home Remedies are quick remedies. They give result very fast and at the same time they are as comfortable as any other Home Remedy. They will remove all the bumps just within 3 days.

Would you like to remove your bumps completely within 2/3 days?

You can opt for Improvised Home Remedies for ppp.

>> Pictures of Pearly Penile Papules – Confirm that whether you have PPP

PPP is a male genital skin condition which is harmless and it occurs due to unknown reasons. However, the large number of white or pink colored small bumps around the corona of penis are often mistaken for STD or Warts and females refuse to have sex with a male having ppp.

>> Pictures of Pearly Penile Papules – Confirm that whether you have PPP

Treatment for ppp should effectively eliminate the bumps from the penis so that the affected person can regain the original appearance of his penis.

There are various methods for treatment of ppp.

Scientific methods of treatment as well as Home Remedies are quite common.

Scientific methods

1.    Removal of bumps using Hyfrecator

2.    Laser CO2 Therapy

These methods have the following disadvantages: –

Highly expensive


Side effects

Temporary cure only

Hospitalization and recovery period

Home Remedies are very effective and are widely accepted because of the following advantages: –

ü Less expensive

ü Simple methods done by patient in his home

ü Painless & no side effects

ü Permanent cure

ü Easily available ingredients

ü Smooth sexual life in future

Home Remedies are of 2 types: –

1.    Traditional Home Remedy: Slow method of treatment giving results after a prolonged treatment. A few months will be taken for complete cure.

2.    Improvised Home Remedy: Fast method giving quick results. Bumps will be removed within 2/3 days with all the comforts of other Home Remedies.

Treatment of ppp with castor oil/tea-tree oil

Clean the affected area and wipe to dry. Using cotton swab apply either plenty of castor oil or a little tea-tree oil on the bumps and leave them uncovered. Repeat the process 3 – 4 times daily until the papules are removed completely. This is a traditional Home Remedy method.

Do you have ppp? Want to get rid of it safely within just 3 days?

Improvised Home Remedy for ppp will be of great help to you.

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Pearly Penile papules Home Treatment

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Natural Home Treatments for Pearly Penile Papules removal >> Pictures of Pearly Penile Papules

Confirm that whether you have PPP Pearly Penile Papules treatments include CO2 Laser surgery,Hyfrecator treatment, Self treatments for PPP & Natural treatments using proven home remedies . CO2 laser Pearly Penile Papules treatment involves removing Pearly Penile Papules using targeted laser beam . This will take 1-3 weeks ,as only few papules will be removed per session . Co2 laser will cost you $ 3000 + (rate as on year 2010 pearly penile papules treatment ).

This high cost of Pearly Penile papules laser removal prevents men to think about other methods . Hyfrecator removal of Pearly penile papules is cheaper than Co2 laser surgery but it is more painful & scars will be formed ,in this method electric pulse is used to remove papules .This method will cost you $ 1000 + . This high cost of treating Pearly Penile papules at hospitals makes many men to self treat Pearly penile papules .For this they will search the internet & collect unverified information & try it at home .For some it may work & for others it will damage their penile tissue & form permanent scars .

Creams for Pearly Penile papules removal In the market several Pearly penile papules removal creams are available .

Some of the methods used in self treatment for Pearly penile papules are ( Not recommended – just for informational purpose only )

1) using toothpaste for Pearly penile papules removal .In this method toothpaste is applied in the affected area & wiped off after few hours.

2) Using Soldering Iron –Burning of papules with soldering iron – No need to say that this is dangerous

3) Warts removal creams –Applying wart removal creams


Pearly Penile Papules Home treatments [recommended]

Natural treatment for PPP is one of the popular & effective methods to get rid of pearly penile papules . This method uses proven home remedies to remove pearly penile papules . >>> Try 3 day Home  cure for PPP at home <<<

PPP Treatments – Pearly Penile Papules removal

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Advanced PPP treatments made it possible to remove all papules from penis rim within 3 days using home remedies .Treating PPP at home avoids embarrassment associated with genital skin disease.

If you have small dome shaped bumps in either white or pink color around the cornea of your penis, you have PPP or  Pearly penile Papules. This skin condition appears in 1-3rows of encircling bumps. These bumps are blocked sebaceous glands. They are visible when penis is erected. A large number of male populations are affected by Hirsute Papillary Genet alias. (Medical terminology)       . Pearly Penile Papules Removal is done naturally.

If PPP left untreated ?

PPP occurs in men of the age 20-30 years. This disease is not painful but causes discomfort on erection or during sexual activity. These bumps will go on increasing for a few months and remain for a long period. It may disappear and reappear. If untreated, it takes a long time to cure.

Treatments for PPP (Pearly Penile Papules)

Many men still unknown about proper treatments for PPP . Due to lack of awareness regarding “How to treat PPP at home “,they waste their money for surgical removals .It is true that with surgical removal you can remove all your Papules from your penis corona,but it has the following disadvantage

  1. Costly
  2. Scar formation
  3. It takes 2-3 weeks to completely remove all papules ,because papules are removed in small groups & during that period you have to abstain from sex.
  4. None of them guarantee the permanent removal of PPP,if pearly penile papules reoccurs, you have to spend money for another surgery.

Advantages of PPP home removal

Using home remedies you can remove all your papules within 3 days .No pain or scars – All the home remedies used for PPP removal are readily available in your mother’s kitchen rack .

Read this testimonial – PPP cured in 3 days using home remedies at home

>> How I cured my PPP within 3 days – by Ex-PPP sufferer

Side Effects of PPP

It affects neither health nor sexual performance of the sufferer. It is not hereditary and has no connection with. Warts and Fordyce spots. The sufferer is psychologically affected. It hurts his pride and self esteem as penis is a vital organ of the male. Chances are that he may either be laughed at or rejected by women.

Surgical treatments for Pearly Penile Papules (PPP)

A few surgical methods like Laser co2, excision and Hyfricator are available for the removal of papules. These methods have more disadvantages than advantages. Moreover permanent cure is also not possible. It is better to go for home remedies that ensure permanent relief from agony and embarrassment. Natural methods are effective, cheap, safe and easy to follow.

Home Remedies for PPP removal (Slow but effective_)

These bumps can be removed by Alpha Hydroxy Acid method that makes use of creams of low concentration of Apa this cream is to be applied over the affected area twice a day till the bumps peel off. Triple antibiotic ointment is a proven remedy for the removal of ppp.Apply the oil twice a day with a time gap of 12 hours and continue the treatment till the bumps are removed.

>> Check out  the Before and After Pictures of Pearly penile Papules natural cure

APPLYING Castor Oil is another home remedy that ensures permanent cure it is cheap and without any side effect. Wash the affected area and wipe to dry apply oil 3-4 times a day over the affected area. Continue treatment till you get the desired result.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Making use of Tree Tea Oil is yet another method for removal of ppp.Take a small quantity of this oil on the cotton swab and apply 3 times a day over the affected area. Continue the treatment till bumps are removed. Choose the best home remedy to get back the lost excitement of sexual life.

3 day cure for PPP – Fast cure with improvised home remedies

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